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Why travel Insurance so Important to travel abroad?

Why travel insurance is so important Now days

Travelling abroad has become a common practice, whether it is a holiday with family or corporate trip. It not only excites the mind and body but also brings keen sense of joy in our life. Travelling has now become relaxed, swift, cheap and enjoyable. It broadens our attitude, makes us meet new folks, develops national unity and also offers fusion of culture. With so many rewards associated with travelling, it also brings forth the unexpected circumstances. Opting for travel insurance policy protect one from these situations that include medical and non-medical emergencies. They ensure ones comfort especially when away from the native country

It is designed to protect you from risks, travel insurance provide total coverage against loss of baggage, any form of baggage delays, flight delays, loss of important documents and medical expenditures, at the most reasonable rates.

Insurance of travelling for world

There are two types of plans available under the global travel insurance plan; they are as follows:

SINGLE TRIP TRAVEL INSURANCE – This comprehensive plan begins as soon as one boards the flight and is valid until the return. The cover may also discontinue in agreement with your insurance period, i.e., the duration for which the premium has been paid. You Can avail this cover for a period of 180 days.

MULTIPLE TRIP TRAVEL INSURANCE- This is yearly insurance plan that is valid for 365 days. Only compulsion is that the period of the trips must not exceed 45 days. You Can avail this cover for a period of 180 days.

One is always concerned of the benefits prevailing from a specific plan. Some of the important features available with the plan are as follows –

Medical Plan: which includes telephonic medical assistance, provision of emergency medical evacuation and medical transfer, faculty of direct settlement, supervising medical condition etc.

Trip Plan: which includes assistance for lost baggage and lost passport, embassy referral service etc.

General Plan: which includes legal referral service, Interpreter service and help in emergency message communication service and help in claim procedure.

What Travel Insurance covers

If you choose any travel insurance, you will get covered for all of these or any particular of them depending upon your requirement

  1. Emergency medical expenses
  2. Emergency evacuation & repatriation
  3. Emergency dental
  4. Lost, stolen &damaged luggage
  5. Trip interruption
  6. Trip cancellation
  7. Trip delay
  8. Trip cancellations and adjustments

When you want to extend, shorten, or completely cancel your trip, not having insurance may cost you a bomb and restrict your travel plans. Travel insurance gives you flexibility.

In plain way, travel insurance is a type of insurance to safeguard people against health and financial loss while travelling. It covers a wide area of possible losses, and you can start using it once you face any of the problems that it covers (of course, after you purchase it before or during your travels).

You may or may not buy it, but it is highly recommended that you do. Most of us have insurance, but most of it is regional, hence doesn’t cover us when we’re travelling overseas. Medical emergencies and other emergencies are uncertain, and can be highly costly when you’re abroad.

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